14 years of professional dental equipment manufacturer

1.In January 2018,Purchased a Laser welding equipment to improve the handpiece accessories accuracy in a new level.

2.In December 2017,the SKl-201T high-speed handpiece,air scaler and sewage treatment system recognized by the national high-tech product qualification.

3.In December 2017 accquired an enterprise recognized by ISO900 1 quality management system certification.

4.In November 2017,it passed the qualification of national high-tech enterprise.

5.In September 2017 Holding the Foshan Kehong Medical lnstrument Co.,Ltd.,which mainly produces dental chair.

6.In March 2016 Developed and marketed a sewage processor system.

7.In December,2015 In Foshan dentalindustry,at first time to create the new business model of employee particitation shares dividens.

8.In March,2015 Purchased 3 sets Laser welding equipment,in order to make good control of welding technology.

9."DYMLearning Fund\"was founded in Jun.2015.Its founding let colleagues learn more and make a great progress.

10.\"DYM Love Fund\"was founded in Jun.2014,to help more and more DYM's staff.

11.In Jan.2014 The world's first crown-drill Champion has applied for design and development of patent.And itis liked by a lotof

people in Dental south China international Expo and SINO-DENTAL.

12.1n 2013 Aprilthe whole staff to participate actively in the Sichuan Ya'an disasterrelief donations,donations activities.As a social

13.In 2013 Marchlaunched a SKI-201 based high-speed hanpiece warranty for 180 day long waranty commitments and breaking the tradition warranty for 3 months.

14.In 2012,develop and design the Air scaler device,without switch then the dentist can use convenience like high speed  handpiece.The noise is lower than the electric one can reduces the risk of hearing.we have taken the vibration frequency range of  each tooth into account when developing a new product,so both the patient and dentist can very at ease.,very safe.

15.In June 2011,to develop and design SKI high speed diamond burs,has changed the ideal of only selling foreign brand burs from a lot of foreign brand car dealership friends sell the idea of a single needle since its introduction,a favorable situation,monthly sales of two million has been achieved.

16.In March,2011,purchased a 3D scanner,shaft grinding equipment, welding machine,punching machines,grinders and other concentricity for the quality of the handpiece plus another quality defense.

17.In December 2010,company has moved to 4,000 square meters of standard factory industrial plant parkfrom original sites 2000 square meters.

18.In March 2010 has develop an exclusive domestic SKI dental handpiece lubricant device with digital display major hospitals,clinics solve the daily cleaning and maintenance of a large number of handpiece troubles problems.

19.On October of 2009,had become the first manufacturer who had purchased the dynamic balancer test machine,making the handpiece's cartridge more smooth and with more softer sound.

20.On July of 2009,beginning to purchase CNC machining equipment,Grinding Equipment,Wire cutting equipment,Walk effort Equipment and so on and using to product dental high speed handpiece and dental low speed handpiece.

21.On June of 2009,had exploited and desiqned Automatic Drainage Machine which was exclusive of the worldwide.Making the air compressor was no longer because of forget to discharge the dirty water and affected the using function,relieving the troubles ofa doctor or equipment maintenance personnel.

22.In Feb of 2009,had developed new product of oil-free air compressor.We got the positive feedback from customers in Shanghai exhibition and had record the selling of 1215 pcs during three days.

23.We produce SKI dental hand piece oil in Nov.,2008,is the best seller for dealer,because of good quality and competitive price.

24.All of our staff are positive to contribute in order to help the friends in Wenchuan earthquake in May,2008,for our a bit of social

25.Producing the first Led curing light in Foshan in Jan..2008,with extended model SKl-801.We innovate introduction of light curing machine with old trade new activity,month sales volume reached more than 3000 units,a record annual selling of 3560g records.

26.Foshan Duoyimei Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd was formally established in Oct.,2007.

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