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US strengthens research and development of antibacterial coatings for oral medical devices

2019-02-26 15:35:28 0

The National Institutes of Health, in response to concerns about the risk of contamination of dental medical devices, recently authorized the US company Nerites to develop antibacterial and antifouling coatings for oral cleaning catheters and actively promote the commercial operation of such products.

 According to a person from the National Institutes of Health, doctors often use catheters to clean the patient's mouth during dental clinics and surgery, but if the catheter itself is contaminated with bacteria and other bacteria, the consequences will be severe.

 According to the guidance of the American Dental Association, if the number of bacteria per ml of water exceeds 200, it is very likely to pose a health threat to the patient during the catheter cleaning of the mouth. In order to ensure the cleaning of the catheter, such medical devices must undergo strict maintenance and cleaning. However, if the number of visits is small, such as during weekends and holidays, the breeding of bacteria on medical devices is also very worrying.


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